About SoSafe

The SoSafe Story

SoSafe was founded in 1985 by the Hunter family and Rick Winkler, after identifying graffiti issues in Australia.

Upon researching the graffiti removal industry there were several key findings: there was no appropriate method to remover graffiti quickly, effectively and safely.

What we also found that was a key concern, the alternative products in this time included carcinogenic / toxic products with an Ortho Dichlorobenzene or Methylene Chloride base.

Alternatives triggered many injury claims from employees of mass transit authorities and government agencies. Almost instantly SoSafe has the attention of the businesses, government departments and school districts.

Growing rapidly we introduced SoSafe in 1988 replicated its’ success in the U.S. to the point where SoSafe commenced manufacturing product in the USA.

Over the past half decade SoSafe has been expanding into new market segments with new and exciting products.

SoSafe Launch

    • 1986  - SoSafe becomes key supplier to leading railways in Australia
    • 1987  - SoSafe awarded exclusive supplier to department of education in the state of New South Wales, Australia.
    • 1988  - SoSafe commences supply to Victorian Government Tender Board.
    • 1989  - SoSafe launches initial USA operations.
    • 1990  - SoSafe awarded exclusive supplier of chemical products to government Q Stores in New South Wales, Australia.
    • 1991  - SoSafe becomes exclusive supplier of graffiti removal products to various transit departments in California
    • 1995  - Hunter family acquires Bracton Industries – Australia’s leading detergent manufacturer for hotels & bars.
    • 1995  - Hilti Corporation assumes management control of U.S. distribution.
    • 1996  - Hunter family acquires Ecowash Systems.
    • 2000  - SoSafe commencing exports to New Zealand.
    • 2004  - Hunter family acquires Dosatron Australia.
    • 2005  - Hunter family acquires ISIS Beverage Systems / Allied Beverage Systems<br />
    • 2007  - SoSafe commences export to Ireland and UK.  SoSafe launches Surface Active Technology.
    • 2008  - SoSafe commences export to Netherlands and Hungary. SoSafe becomes exclusive supplier to Irish Probationary Service. Launch of mold control product range and non-hazardous degreasers.
    • 2009  - SoSafe commences export to Latvia, Japan and Spain.
    • 2010  - SoSafe launches Retail Packing solutions. SoSafe named exclusive supplier to NSW Government's “Graffiti Action Day”.
    • 2011  - Hunter family assumes control of Bracton SoSafe Inc, USA operations. Hunter family sells off Ecowash Systems.